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  1. Need some help
  2. Usb cable sync?
  3. Castle PoR
  4. Black CycloDS Recieved
  5. Whats the best slot 2 for GBA backups?
  6. Included USB Transflash and SDHC MicroSD
  7. Need some advice
  8. any info would be grate
  9. I just bought an CYCLO Evo - but what version?
  10. Can I run Opera on my evolution with out a slot 2?
  11. Enhanced Menu
  12. Moonshell Japanese
  13. R4 skins on cyclo ds?
  14. Memory card question? (new sry)
  15. Will a Sandisk microSDHC class 2 4GB work well?
  16. How to play with another DS owner...
  17. I Got a fake card?
  18. faulty cyclods and returns
  19. Thank You Cylods Team
  20. Problem changing Skins...
  21. Updating Question
  22. umm...problem?
  23. New Year....
  24. Cyclo cheats w/ Mario Kart WiFi
  25. 3in1 Expansion Pack Tool Skins?
  26. do i need a ms for CycloDS Evolution?
  27. Need help to install Moonshell.
  28. Cyclo cheat code editor with Mario Kart wifi
  29. ScummVM-DS help
  30. need a little help
  31. downloaded game saves help
  32. failure of new black evos???
  33. Homebrew Wifi assistance needed
  34. Email Response Problems With support@teamcyclops.com
  35. Mario Kart Shy Guy Action Replay codes
  36. Help needed with WIFI cheats
  37. Is there an actual users manual for the evolution?
  38. DsOrganize & Nintendo DS Browser
  39. CycloDS + Flashme = Bricked (Someone Help?!?)
  40. Will I get v2 or v3 you think?
  41. How to run DS Organize and Moonshell?
  42. A-Data 4GB microsdhc
  43. What's the real story with CycloDS and Wii Connection?
  44. Thanks TC and Modchipcentral.com
  45. best cheapest place to buy
  46. Cheats: starting suspended
  47. How do u install moonshell skins/music ?
  48. MoonShell can't play mp3s
  49. Black CDSE UK resellers?
  50. Trim for Download Play
  51. EZ flash makin' me crazy!
  52. Firmware update pb
  53. Using the WIFI for moving files
  54. Powder - A Roguelike Makeover
  55. Question about ROMS
  56. movies on cyclods?
  57. EZ 3in1 Flash Chip Used is Changin!
  58. Sandisk or PNY?
  59. Any Good Emulators?
  60. Moonshell.zip?
  61. homebrew Games/apps without .nds
  62. NESDS and SnemulDS
  63. AR cheat code help for mario kart
  64. DS Volume??
  65. where do i get SNEmulDS from??
  66. NesterDS?
  67. CycloDS Evolution Batch 2 vs Batch 3
  68. MAME-Emulator
  69. Is it safe to remove the paper logo from my CDSE?
  70. DS Save Editors
  71. Good price on Kingston 4 gig SDHC card
  72. Moonshell help!
  73. Cheats not showing up?
  74. cyclods color
  75. puzzle quest wifi problem
  76. DSOne vs. Evo
  77. A waiting game???
  78. wifi cheating possible?
  79. Any other companies make 6/8GB Cards?
  80. Games Crashing/Freezing
  81. DS Brower Error: Could not locate remote server?
  82. What Slot2 goes well with CDSE?
  83. Omg Help!
  84. How to make the DS Browser work...
  85. Stickers
  86. Cooking_mama_2 Nintendo DS Problem
  87. MicroSD Recognition Problem?
  88. File Not Found!
  89. NDSgames folder corrupted and unreadable
  90. Real Time Save Issue
  91. Your favourite homebrew?
  92. Firmware Update Help
  93. Are these games working for u
  94. So i just ordered my black evo from realhotstuff today
  95. multiple wireless conections
  96. The process of Updating Firmware
  97. Few questions about the latest batch...
  98. Some questions.
  99. where to buy cyclods
  100. Trying to contact Team Cyclo for wholesale.
  101. Real time save between regions
  102. sega genesis emulator
  103. Please help - soft reset not working with moonshell
  104. Noob IS Asking Questions.
  105. upping volume to watch movies
  106. RTS in Elite Beat Agents
  107. Thanks for a great product.
  108. GBA in slot-1 a reality!!!(no joke)
  109. Is there a v4 or something...?
  110. CycloDS Quality?
  111. stability of batch v4?
  112. Quick question about moonshell.
  113. Cyclo DS questions...
  114. Naruto :ninja destiny rom please
  115. Can only use 2gb of a 4gb Sandisk Micro SDHC
  116. Flash DS or not?
  117. Is SNES Emulation on Slot 1 possible?
  118. Need help...
  119. So, I broke my Micro SD
  120. Replacement Reimbursement
  121. how do i install updates and moonshell?
  122. DealExtreme - Avoid this site like the plague!!
  123. Question about roms.
  124. Micro SD limit ?!?
  125. Issues with EZ-Flash 3in1 expansion
  126. Thinking about buying a CycloDS evo
  127. Buying from the UK?
  128. No$GBA saves
  129. Problem with connecting to the Wii.
  130. General CycloDS Question
  131. FW 1.3beta, Soft Reset not working with M&S@OG?
  132. SD removal a nuisance...
  133. Quick ROM Question...
  134. Uses for old Slot 2 cards?
  135. ScummVM DS update
  136. EZFlash 3-in-1 Question
  137. Ripping people off!!!
  138. CycloDS Evo not working from the first go...
  139. Does Beup work on Cyclo evo?
  140. ROM trimmer
  141. Beginners Problems
  142. Possible Clone...
  143. Great deal in kingston 2gb microsd!! 13.45!!!
  144. More proof of CycloDS Evo's Superiority
  145. How to watch tv shows/movies on DS?
  146. help!
  147. Cylclo Ds Evolution Garantie
  148. about cyclods evolution?
  149. DS Organizer...irc chat...
  150. Two cyclods evo's, one works one doesn't
  151. No more replacement?
  152. MAME Emulator?
  153. Newbie Homebrew Questions
  154. Question about Slot 2
  155. Animal Crossing : Wild World Problem
  156. nes on DS
  157. Can anyone else get advanced wars days of ruin to work?
  158. where's the link to the new firmware?
  159. Nearly gave myself a heart attack :D
  160. Help me w wifi prob T_T
  161. Is there a direct link to 1.3 firmware?
  162. japanese micro sd memory
  163. disk drive is full?
  164. Reliability of modchipcentral?
  165. I'm sure the info will be somewhere but...
  166. Evo 1.2 hangs on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games USA
  167. Microsd card recognition problems
  168. Jewel Quest Problems
  169. CycloDS Evolution v3: Loading Questions
  170. DSorganize as media application...
  171. Where to buy toshiba 4gb sdhc micro???
  172. all my hard work :(
  173. Bad Real Time Save Issue
  174. New version of DSOrganise out!
  175. How to disassemble my cycloDS?
  176. Probably asked and answered question about emulators...
  177. New Firmware release date?
  178. Is there a CycloDS game limit (30)???
  179. dumbest question ever, HELP!
  180. I Can't get my EZ-Flash 3in 1 to run.
  181. CycloDS Evolution V3: Missing PCB component question (new v3 chip)
  182. Chance of defective CycloDS?
  183. GBA Solution For People with ram expansion!!!
  184. R4 or Cyclo
  185. cyclo is best flash cart
  186. EZ Flash 3-in-1: NOR to PSRAM
  187. How to play NDS roms ?
  188. CycloDS Cheat Codes...
  189. Anyone with a 8GB SD Card?
  190. Best Supplier Poll.
  191. How to play GBA roms
  192. how to use the RTS?
  193. Best SNES emulator?
  194. Yes or No to Firmware Update
  195. Does the cyclo burn more battery power?
  196. How come the RTS is not working for me?
  197. Nintendo DS web browser (Opera) + sleep mode problem
  198. Sleep Mode Question...
  199. I can't get to the main menu out of days of ruin and mario and sonic at the olympics
  200. Saving cheat settings...
  201. The "whats on your DS right now thread"....
  202. cheats
  203. A mod? Hardly..
  204. Looking For Wifi USB
  205. Wow thank you modchipcentral
  206. cheat codes disabled.. and random skins
  207. Cheats Editor problems...
  208. redundant RTS?
  209. Is there any Mac Osx Trimmer?
  210. Photos of the new Black cdse.
  211. CycloDS Evo Sticker
  212. Looking for DS Browser-friendly sites?
  213. Is moonshell still under development?
  214. EZflash 3in1 help!!!
  215. White/Black Screens of Death!
  216. Whats your favorite Application?
  217. What size microSD card do you have?
  218. Gameboy Emulator
  219. getting gameboy to run on ds
  220. Writing additional files to MicroSD card after using it?
  221. Can a firmware update conserve more battery power?
  222. Anyone knows where to buy cyclods evo in Brisbane,QLD?
  223. New to the scene
  224. Can teamcyclops update the cyclo from using too much battery with a firmware update?
  225. Skype on DS?
  226. I know this might not be the right place but.. (about gba flash carts)
  227. Techwizad.com = Safe?
  228. Cyclo DS Clone??
  229. Is it possible to use the cheats to change button config in a game?
  230. Setting Up New Memory Card
  231. does the cyclose use more battery power in sleep mode?
  232. SNEmulDS not working...
  233. How to boot ds heretic?
  234. Why doesn't all my games show up in my ds??
  235. Instructions
  236. Hi, I'm new to CycloDs...
  237. Something strange in my neighborhood
  238. Pokemon Diamond and the pal park.
  239. Its only been minutes and i am getting so eager...ahhhh
  240. So is teamcyclops going to fix the RTS?
  241. Formatting Help Please!!!
  242. What Firmware are you using?
  243. HELP!! Stuck on updating screen
  244. Should I be getting this?
  245. Converting Save Files??
  246. What games are people actually using RTS for
  247. Was there a thread that about having icons in your games folder?
  248. RTS game list
  249. Problem with CycloDS, DS itself, or microSD?
  250. Doom and QuakeDS wifi...