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another world
03-05-2011, 03:56 AM

The latest revision of CQuake by elhobbs supports DSi-Mode. The game plays really smooth, supports mp3 audio, cheats, level expansions, etc. I’ve just spent the past hour playing with it on the iEvo and it is working perfectly. Once set up correctly users can expect to experience 20-30+ fps.

Here is what you need to get this set up:
• Grab the JUL 2008 build HERE (http://code.google.com/p/cquake/downloads/list)
• Grab the updated r37 .nds file HERE (http://filetrip.net/file.php?id=24190)

Place the r37 cquake.nds file and the cquake.ini file into ROOT. Open the cquake.ini file and change the heapsize to 15000 (for DSi-Mode). Once this is done the file will fail to work on DS-Mode, just FYI.

-listgame -heapsize 15000 -basedir /

ID1 Directory
You will also need a copy of the quake PAK files. The files should be placed in an ID1 directory in ROOT.

PAK0.PAK [74E3B084]
PAK1.PAK [2E803216]

Into the ID1 directory place the autoexec.cfg, config.cfg, and progs.dat files which came in the CQuake download.

If you want music you will need the Windows CD version of Quake. The audio tracks are numbered 02-11, rip them and encode them using your favorite encoder. The audio tracks must be encoded as 96kbs 22khz Stereo (Joint-Stereo works fine also) MP3s. place the tracks numbered 02.mp3 - 11.mp3 into an ID1/Music directory.

Custom Config File
I’ve set up a custom config file that uses all button controls (Doom style). If you want to use these settings just edit the config file and paste in the following values below. Cheats can also be bound to a button (IE: bind "DSY" "impulse 9").

bind DSSELECT "toggleconsole"
bind DSSTART "togglemenu"
bind "DSUP" "+forward"
bind "DSDOWN" "+back"
bind "DSLEFT" "+left"
bind "DSRIGHT" "+right"
bind "DSTAP" "+jump"
bind "DSB" "+lookdown"
bind "DSA" "+attack"
bind "DSL" "+moveleft"
bind "DSR" "+moveright"
bind "DSX" "+lookup"
bind "DSY" "impulse 10"

D-Pad: walks forward and backwards, looks left and right
Shoulder buttons: strafe left and right
Double tapping the touch screen: jumps
X: look up
B: look down
Y: change weapon
A: fire

To enter cheats simply press select and type them out

GOD - God Mode
NOTARGET - Nothing sees you until you shoot.
KILL - Suicide.
FLY - Fly mode.
NOCLIP - Power to walk through wall.
IMPULSE 9 - Full weapons and ammo.
IMPULSE 255 - Instant Quad.
IMPULSE -1 - Everything but the weapons.
IMPULSE 11 - Jewels.
GIVE # - Gun number.
GIVE C # - Charge (# of charge wanted.)
GIVE N # - Nails (# of nails wanted)
GIVE R # - Rockets (# of rockets wanted).
SV_GRAVITY - Change Gravity.
GIVE HEALTH # - Health (# up to 999).
MAP E#M# - Level warp.

Thanks to Vato for the help and for elhobbs for releasing the update. This update will also work with the sudokuhax but saving is not possible yet.

-Another World

03-05-2011, 04:13 AM
Thanks Another World for the tips.

I bumped an old thread (http://www.teamcyclops.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1353) yesterday about this release.

I saw something about Recompiling Quake2DS to work with DSi (http://devkitpro.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2556) too but as said by Wintermute it makes extensive use of GBA slot RAM so that's another major job to sort out ...

another world
03-05-2011, 06:57 AM
I converted the audio for the official mission packs and all seems to be working. The audio was converted according to the information above and placed in the "music" directory of each mission packs directory.

IE: /Dissolution of Eternity/music

The official mission packs are...

Quake Mission Pack 1 - Scourge of Armagon [PAK CRC of D17835FB]
Quake Mission Pack 2 - Dissolution of Eternity [PAK CRC of 38B70CE8]

-Another World