View Full Version : any help would be awsome

11-29-2007, 12:16 AM
allright I tried to flash my v2 chip to 3.5 and got stuck in the programming loop. and tried for hours.

do I need to turn off wiiconnect24 to upgrade my chip. I ended up rebooting and unplugging my wii for 30 sec and turned everything back on and everything worked.

now I purchased smg and want to be able to run my backup. and keep my original stored away. so my original now my back up. so I want to flash my wii to 3.6 beta.

now when I am upgradeing it will ask me to turn switch off then on and hit reset. do I have to wait 30 seconds between swithing from off to on. I DONT want to have to restart the wii dureing the programming loop again

11-29-2007, 03:55 AM
Check the connections in your Wii to make sure the wires are installed properly and that no wires are connected to any wrong parts (including any short circuiting of any kind).

It's recommended to turn off WiiConnect24 during the CycloWiz update chip when using the programmer switch, in the event that Nintendo can detect the chip if using your programmer switch in programmer mode, but doesn't really have an effect as of yet if you do leave WiiConnect24 on.

Check out this thread if you want to try reduce the amount of programming loops you experience: