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Old 08-13-2008, 04:55 AM
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Default All saves gone. 1.5b1. no clue what happened

I am running v1.5b1, and have been using the "normal/alternate" save thing as multi-save. today, I open up my DS to play some final fantasy, and I notice something. My data is gone. I check my other games. Yep, gone. A few weeks ago my friend experienced the same problem. I, at the time thought it was because he had two roms of the same name under alternate mode, so maybe that caused the problem, but I have done nothing of the kind and as such am completely mystified as to what caused it. the .sav files are still there, I think (or at least most are, I didn't bother to check all of them) but it seems they contain no save data. I do have a pretty recent copy of my saves, but, never the less, If this can be fixed on TC's side, than it should be.
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