Beer is a wonderful thing, but it’s even better when brewed locally and with the planet in mind. It’s a crowded beer market, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, so Cyclops takes pride in giving sustainability minded, independent breweries a leg up on the competition by lending our illustration and branding expertise.


Crow’s Nest Brewing approached us to create a logo that honors the 19th century nautical inspiration of their name as much as their Pacific Northwest roots. After several concepting rounds with the client, we landed on a logo that conveys the roughshod, seaworthy and distinctly Portland vibes that Crow’s Nest had in mind when they set sail on the choppy waters of independent brewing.


Named after a 1970s-era Seattle bar run by his father, Bombay Bicycle Shop is Steve Neff’s flagship beer. Our brand identity serves as an homage to the original look and feel of the bar, while simultaneously honoring the geographic and cultural inspiration of the bar’s name: Bombay, India. Our bold and stark color palette readies the consumer for what’s to come: an unapologetic IPA that packs the bite of a cobra.