Café Femenino combines specialty coffee with social change. We joined Café Femenino to help them refresh their visual identity and brand messaging to honor their powerful story of courage, empowerment and women coffee farmers across the world standing up for what they deserve.


Thousands of women coffee farmers from Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Rwanda and Sumatra come together to form Café Femenino. To help their story resonate with audiences across the globe, we knew that these women and their perspectives, voices, faces and experiences must take center stage as the primary life force of the brand. To get there, we began our visual identify and brand messaging work using interviews with participating women coffee farmers from across the world to ensure the new brand was of them and for them, and not just about them.


Our rebranding and messaging work included a messaging matrix covering five distinct audience types. We worked with more than a dozen roaster partners, the coffee importer and the women coffee farmers themselves to receive partner buy-in at every mile post.


Along with a refreshed visual identity including a new logo, color palette and typeface, we delivered brand guidelines and a brand pitch deck to help Café Femenino further grow their brand by debuting in the college campus market as a new coffee shop franchise. Featuring speculative designs of Café Femenino coffee shops, jute bags, menu signage and advertising, we developed, designed and wrote the pitch deck to best position the new brand, and tell the brand story, to prospective roaster and campus partners.