Earth Advantage is a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating sustainable building practices. To help them build awareness, generate participation and communicate the many benefits of their Safe + Sustainable Site Certification program, they hired Cyclops to create an infographic, animated clips and illustrated iconography.


Cyclops developed a visual concept that juxtaposes the harm of demolition with the many benefits of deconstruction to guide an infographic and a series of animated clips. This concept allows Earth Advantage to compellingly show builders, homeowners and neighbors these pros and cons instead of simply telling them. It’s one thing to talk about water quality, but it’s another to show deadly toxic dust contaminating the neighborhood on one side of the coin, and a dazzling, sparkly river on the other.


To help us convey a great deal of information in a quick and appealing way, we employed a simple illustration style and color palette so our various audiences, regardless of their level of familiarity with sustainable building practices, could easily understand the primary value points without getting lost in unnecessary, potentially alienating detail.

Concept 1: Future in the Balance

Adding even more quick-read versatility to the project, we created a series of icons to represent each of the major benefits to homebuilders. For use on the website, in presentations and an assortment of marketing collateral, these icons serve as flexible reinforcement to remind builders of the widespread and interconnected benefits they can expect when they adopt the safest and most sustainable building standards.