North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District is committed to enriching the lives of its nearly 100,000 residents by facilitating connections to nature and to one another. We created the Healthy Frame of Mind multimedia creative campaign to help them promote their message of health, conservation and community.


NCPRD maintains and promotes more than 39 parks and 13 miles of trails, but their service to the community extends far beyond the parks themselves. From providing essential life services to older and more vulnerable citizens, to protecting more than 300 acres of local ecosystems, NCPRD is essential to the North Clackamas community’s vitality and quality of life. We crafted our campaign to foster an emotional connection between NCPRD and its individual residents by inviting them to consider not only the many services provided by NCPRD, but also how it feels on a personal level to live in a healthy, connected and active community.


The Healthy Frame of Mind campaign reached thousands of residents through digital ads, kiosks, print ads, newsletters and pre-movie slides. In each variation of the campaign concepts, we connected the wide-reaching benefits of NCPRD’s community focus to the priceless individual moments that residents can expect when they adopt an active lifestyle, remain integrated with their neighbors, and live among hundreds of acres of protected natural space.


In addition to the campaign concept and suite of advertisements deployed throughout the year, we created a messaging matrix to help NCPRD infuse the Healthy Frame of Mind messaging into all forthcoming non-campaign communications including newsletters, brochures, signage and activity guides.