A good poster can transform a plain wall, cubicle, office or bedroom into an escape portal to another world. At Cyclops, we frequently lend our conceptual and illustration talents to clients and initiatives in need of compelling, snappy visuals that offer information, celebration or just good old-fashioned escape.


What do Giant Pacific Octopuses, flannel shirts, sea planes and excellent coffee have in common? Geographic proximity, of course. Our 18x24” celebration of Seattle makes other cities feel trivial and incompetent.


No celebration of the Cascade Mountains would be complete without a star turn from their most-honored resident: Sasquatch. Larger than life, and quite the sensible packer, Sasquatch covers acre upon beautiful acre in a single stride. This 18×24” poster gives Pacific Northwest residents a unique means of paying tribute to their ancient, hallowed corner of the world.


We, for one, welcome our new robot overlords. To prove our devotion, we created this celebration of the most famous robots that silly, futile humans have ever imagined. Someday, if it pleases our robot masters, we’ll update it to include BB-8.